Sarah Cannon at TriStar Greenview

2013 Cancer Program Annual Report

- based on 2012 data -
Approved by the Oncology Committee April 23, 2014

I am happy to present the 2013 TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital Annual Report. We are an American College of Surgeons accredited community hospital cancer program. We are proud of all our accomplishments and all we do for our community. Each year, we continue to improve on the accomplishments of the last year so as to advance our cancer program.

We have always taken a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer patient care. Our tumor conferences present prospective cancer cases to physicians from several specialties each month. Their input at these conferences directly impacts patient care for the better.

Each year, we set goals as an oncology committee to ensure that our patients experience continued improvements in care and outcomes at our hospital. In 2013, these included discussion about how physicians characterize cancer cases prior to surgery. We also initiated a Needs Assessment to identify how we can best serve members of our community. The assessment evaluates how TGRH can eliminate barriers to treatment experienced by our patients, whether these are practical matters of managing the cost of medical care or emotional assistance with the anxiety that accompanies a cancer diagnosis. In 2013, TGRH partnered with Informed DNA to provide genetic counseling to patients with cancers that appear in their families, such as breast and colon cancers.

Involvement in our community is strong. We again participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. We attended several community events and provided education about the most frequent cancer diagnoses in our area. We also distributed a self-assessment tool so community members can identify their own personal and family risk factors for breast, colon, lung and skin cancers. Through our Industry Wellness and Health2U programs, prostate and colon cancer screenings were completed for many participants.

I feel our oncology program has had another excellent year. I am proud to be a part of this program. Speaking on the behalf of the oncology committee, we look forward to the year 2014. We will continue to strive to make improvements and keep Greenview Regional Hospital an excellent community oncology program.

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Catherine Heltsley, MD
Cancer Committee Chair