TriStar Greenview
August 22, 2016

Team leaders demonstrated the core commitment to care and improvement of human life as they participated in 60 Days of Caring.

A team of TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital key leaders and Mike Sherrod, chief executive officer, spent their day giving a helping hand at the International Center of Kentucky in Bowling Green. “We are a part of our communities and our communities are a part of us. It is an honor to be able to help our neighbor’s lives here in our local community,” said Mike Sherrod. “It was great to see the team’s compassion, care and commitment of quality in everything they do, even outside of the hospital.”

The 60 Days of Caring was introduced to honor the 60th Anniversary of United Way of Southern Kentucky. The 60 days started July 18th and will end on September 15th, 2016. During this time frame, a series for volunteer project days throughout the community.

The TriStar Greenview Day of Caring team came prepared to refresh classrooms at the International Center. They were armed with all supplies needed to clean and paint two classrooms. Susan Grey Owen, director of physician relations, said, “It was great to see the difference I made just by using a little elbow grease and a paint brush. Now a child has a bright, clean, fun place to come learn.”

Todd Waddell, imaging services director also shared, “We saw immediate rewards as the staff told us over and over how grateful they were for just painting a room.”

At TriStar Greenview, we always believe in and commit to — delivering better care — in everything we do in our facilities and in our communities.