TriStar Greenview
August 17, 2017

Partnering with all our EMS colleagues is the norm at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital. It is our goal to provide the best patient care to all the communities we serve. Sharing knowledge is part of our best practice.

On August 17, 2017, the TriStar Greenview team hosted an education night with the Allen County EMS. The class consisted of a detailed focus on stroke education with a brain dissection lab. Samantha Wilson, Stroke Coordinator at TriStar Greenview led a training class of 15 of Allen County EMS team. The class included dissecting a brain, learning all parts of the brain, how each area effects the patient and the signs and symptoms a patient may display when having a stroke.

Wilson stated, "It was a very informative and really fun way to learn and present material. All participants were really engaged." The Allen County EMS team shared they enjoyed learning about the neuro, stroke and function of the brain more in-depth from our TriStar Greenview team so much they have requested more classes on other topics such as Sepsis Education. Another training session is being planned for late September 2017.