TriStar Greenview
June 22, 2016

Just under 9 million people work the night shift in America, according to most estimates, including many reading these words.

Now, research shows that working against natural body sleep patterns can contribute to serious health consequences.

But some local people the Daily News talked to don't believe serious health consequences occur when the worker takes care to eat right, exercise and adjust his or her sleep patterns to meet work demands. Still, the night shift is a physical and mental challenge, and the so-called "graveyard shift," working through the night when others are asleep, is even more daunting to work.

For one employee of Tri-Star Greenview Regional Hospital in Bowling Green, working the graveyard shift is a plus.

Lisa Nicewinter, a third-shift emergency room nurse, likes the idea.

"Working as a night nurse has many advantages for me and my family," Nicewinter said in an email to the newspaper. "Not only can it be more lucrative, it helps balance my family life allowing me more time with my children and grandchildren," Nicewinter said.

"Often, night shift has less support staff, so we become more independent and confident, yet share a camaraderie like no other," she said.

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