TriStar Greenview
July 19, 2017

Bowling Green, Kentucky – TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital recognizes that compassionate staff members make a difference within the lives of patients. For Teresa Young, Emergency Department Educator and Clinical Coordinator, compassion goes beyond tending to the needs of patients.

After graduating nursing school, the Bowling Green native began her career with Tristar Greenview and has remained a star on our team for 39 years. "I always knew that I wanted to work at TriStar Greenview," says Teresa. She enjoys the hospital’s atmosphere and over the years, has formed valuable relationships with other staff members, physicians, and patients. The staff recognizes Teresa and her love for helping others. In February, she was recognized by staff members and given the "Leader with Heart Award," for her dedication to TriStar Greenview, mentorship, and desire to provide quality care to patients.

"My faith is what guides me to be compassionate," says Teresa. To her, compassion is, "treating others like you would want your family to be treated." This level of compassion is displayed daily in the E.R, by both Teresa and the rest of the staff. "When we see patients and families, they aren't used to coming into the Emergency Department. We work here, so this is our home. We work hard to make sure that they are more comfortable." Even after a patient is discharged, Teresa works diligently to follow up with patients. "It is important to show them that we care," she says. "Patients feedback makes all difference."

While serving as a leader, she guides the team in providing the same compassionate care to all patients who come through the doors. She currently teaches a class on trauma nursing, while also being responsible for classes in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric cardiac life support, and coordinating education for her department employees. She emphasizes the importance of introductions with patients, explanations of procedures beforehand, and making sure that patients are aware of the care that they will be receiving. She works diligently to ensure that patients are seen as soon as possible, and that both the patient and their families feel cared for in the ER.

As Teresa leads other staff members in providing exceptional care, TriStar Greenview’s compassionate team is able to make a difference for the lives of patients within the community.