TriStar Greenview
September 22, 2017

Bowling Green, Kentucky — Robotic surgery has grown in precision and availability at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital. TriStar Greenview recently added a second robot, the da Vinci XI Surgical System from Intuitive Surgical. Inc., to enhance patient offerings.

TriStar Greenview is the only hospital in Bowing Green to outfit its da Vinci Xi robot with technologies that enhance patient safety and surgical outcomes, with the Integrated Table Motion, the seamless coordination of the da Vinci Xi robot with Trumpf Medical's TruSystem® 7000dV advanced operating table.

"We are thrilled that the TriStar Greenview has invested in this cutting-edge technology which provides patients with the most advanced minimally invasive alternative to open surgery," said Dr. Matthew Rutter, Chief of Surgery at TriStar Greenview. "The new system combined with the integrated operating table allows us to work with even more precision on complex cases. This translates into more patients who will be able to benefit from the advantages of minimally invasive surgery."

Robotic surgery has been offered at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital since 2014, but the new system continues to improve upon prior technology. The newer system can be used across a wider spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures, and has been optimized for complex, multi-quadrant surgeries, including surgical cardiac, thoracic, urology, gynecology, and general surgery.

"The navigation of robotic surgery enhances our physicians' reach to go right to source of the problem," said Andrew Bedi, chief operating officer for TriStar Greenview. "We are excited to offer our patients this advanced surgical technology to treat their problems and often have a quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay."

The integrated table permits surgeons and anesthesiologists to make a comprehensive range of table adjustments easily and efficiently during surgery. TriStar Greenview's robot also includes Firefly Fluorescence Imaging, which provides real-time, image-guided identification of key anatomical landmarks using near-infrared technology, the da Vinci EndoWrist Stapler 45, and Vessel Sealer; and the da Vinci Single-Site® Instrumentation which enables surgeons to perform surgery through a single incision.

The purchase of the new da Vinci Xi robot with Trumpf Medical's TruSystem® 7000dV advanced operating table demonstrates TriStar Greenview's commitment to innovation and technology to enhance quality patient care.

The da Vinci Xi System broadens the core da Vinci Surgical System features of wristed instruments, 3D high-definition visualization, intuitive motion, and an ergonomic design. The da Vinci Xi System's key enhancements include:

  • Overhead instrument arm architecture, designed to facilitate anatomical access from virtually any position.
  • Endoscope digital architecture that creates a simpler, more compact design, with improved visual definition and clarity.
  • An ability to attach the endoscope to any arm, providing flexibility for visualizing the surgical site.
  • Smaller, thinner arms, with newly designed joints that offer a greater range of motion.
  • Longer instrument shafts, designed to give surgeons greater operative reach.

In many cases, the benefits of robotically assisted, minimally invasive surgery are:

  • Reduced pain, due to a port-only approach (smaller incision)
  • Less blood loss
  • Shorter length of hospital stay
  • Reduced post-operative complications and recovery
  • Lower risk of wound infections

For further information or a free physician referral, please call the TriStar Medline® at (615) 342-1919.