TriStar Greenview
August 14, 2017

Bob Hancock, first became a patient of TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital in 1989 and serves as a volunteer so he may give back for the level of care he received. Now, after volunteering for over 10 years, he works with his TriStar Greenview family to make a difference for patients coming to this hospital.

Mr. Hancock first encountered TriStar Greenview after a severe stomachache brought him to the emergency department. He became a patient at the hospital for a few weeks where he fondly remembers, "It's like a family here."

Since that time, he and his family have continually chosen TriStar Greenview for their emergency health needs. Recently, Bob's granddaughter was in a vehicle accident and needed emergency medical attention. "The care that she received in the emergency room was excellent," he says. His granddaughter is well, and he attributes that to the TriStar Greenview Emergency Department.

As a volunteer, he contributes to providing that same level of care alongside his TriStar Greenview Family. "I first became a patient in 1989 and I've always had great service every time I needed care. About 10 years ago, I decided it was time for me to give back for the good care I have received at TriStar Greenview. That is when I joined the family and became volunteer," states Mr. Bob Hancock. "As a former assistant principal, I appreciated the help of parents and students volunteering within our school system. I wanted to be able to contribute to that here." Mr. Hancock helps by volunteering to operate the hospital's gift shop on Mondays, and is able to help patients and their families at the information desk at the entrance of the hospital upon their arrival.

"If the occasion arises that I'm in need of good care, TriStar Greenview is the place for me. It is the best place to go," says Bob. We are happy to have Bob Hancock as a part of our family here at TriStar Greenview, because his compassion and desire to give back makes all the difference in the lives of patients.