Thank you for your interest in H2U, TriStar Greenview’s Health & Wellness Organization for individuals over the age of 50.  H2U stands for Health, Happiness & YOU!

Cost for the program is $20.00 per year.  If you participate in just one monthly health screening, you have paid for your membership.

The H2U Center is located at 1320 Andrea Street adjacent to the hospital.  Most activities are held at the H2U Center or TriStar Greenview.

The H2U program has an Advisory Board composed of members that direct the activities and events on a yearly basis.  The program also has a Director who is an employee of TriStar Greenview.

The H2U National Office is located in Nashville, TN. at HCA’s Corporate Offices.  Your membership of H2U is maintained at this office.  The H2U website is www.h2u.com.

You will receive a quarterly magazine from the national office and a monthly newsletter from H2U at TriStar Greenview. 

Please call Alan W. Palmer at TriStar Greenview at (270) 793-5104 with any questions about the program or membership.