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TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital hosted a Viewing Party to celebrate the first total eclipse to cross the United States since June 8, 1918...

Partnering with all our EMS colleagues is the norm at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital.

TriStar Greenview

August 14, 2017

Bob Hancock, first became a patient of TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital in 1989 and serves as a volunteer so he may give back for the level...

TriStar Greenview

August 11, 2017

TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital proudly welcomes its nurse residents to the Summer 2017 cohort of the HCA Nurse Residency at TriStar Division...

TriStar Greenview

July 19, 2017

TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital recognizes that compassionate staff members make a difference within the lives of patients.

Dr. Chris Patton, M.D., has been practicing Orthopedic medicine for 17 years. His primary area of focus is joint replacement surgery, including...

TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital is pleased to welcome Melodye Campbell, APRN, to Bowling Green Medical Clinic, part of the Greenview Medical...

For many, a runny nose, itchy eyes and other seasonal allergy symptoms are telltale signs that spring has arrived. An estimated 50 million people...

TriStar Greenview

March 28, 2017

Our CEO, Mike Sherrod was featured in VIP Bowling Green Magazine in the March issue of 'People You Should Know'.

TriStar Greenview

March 22, 2017

For patients suffering from certain conditions, surgery is often the best way to find relief. However, often, many people delay their procedure...

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